Big Weight Small Shoulders

By Beezus Bee

Big Weight Small Shoulders

It kind of feels like a really big weight on my shoulders. I mean I’m just a regular twelve year old girl. Who likes girls. A lot. When I first came out last year, I felt really safe and supported at my school. My principal was practically doing backflips over the news. Apparently he had always wanted to start a gay student alliance. Most of my classmates were really supportive. Even the school’s resident “mean girl” took me aside in the library to tell she was an ally. 

When Turd in Pants, my special nickname for the dastardly duo of Trump & Pence, were first running, I thought it was a joke. But then my mom had me read their party’s platform on LGBTQ rights. Frankly I was completely horrified. My mom had always told me that I was living in the best time, the best city and the best family to grow up gay. It was like everything changed, for me, in an instant. I felt like there was nothing I could do about it. 

I decided right then and there not to be afraid. I choose to live, as myself, right out in the open, and my friends do too. A few days after the election my little sister, my best friend and I walked out of class with signs declaring our school to be a safe place. I don’t even know what my generation is called, but I know what we are capable of. Don’t worry, we can lead the way. 

Photo by Bethany Vargas


Author: Feralfamilies

Shawna & Michelle are two Seattle mom friends who each have two kids. Find out more by reading our stories.

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